Capping Spinner

Prestige stainless capping spinner is ideal for the medium sized apiarist. The wax capping is contained inside a spinning perforated drum, whilst the honey escapes to the outer tank and drained away. The operator manually removes the wax once the capping build up is at its maximum. This is a good separation system for the budget concerned, if heat is not a preferred method of honey and wax separation.

  • Benefits:
    • • Cost effective
      • • Food grade construction
      • • Stainless construction for longevity of the unit

  • Construction:
    • • Fabricated fully out of 304S/S or 316S/S
      • 870mm Dia x 400mm High Drum. 970mm Dia x 700mm High Barrel
    • • Quality motors and gearboxes used from reputable brands

  • Options:
    • • Knuckled Base
      • • Direct Drive
      • • Inverter Driven